The Water Breakthrough Challenge

On 6 May 2021, the first round of the £40 million Water Breakthrough Challenge (the ‘Breakthrough Challenge’) will open for entries led by water companies, including new entrant water companies (NAVs) 

The Breakthrough Challenge is the second competition funded through the Ofwat Innovation Fund. It provides an opportunity for water companies, in partnership with other organisations, to receive funding for innovative initiatives that go beyond business as usual to deliver tangible benefits for customerssociety and the environment. 

Individual entries to the Breakthrough Challenge can bid for between £1 million to £10 million from the Innovation Fund. We are open to considering smaller value bids from small water companies (including NAVs) – please contact us to explore this option further if this would be relevant for you.

Find out more:

We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 2pm (GMT) to share details about the Water Breakthrough Challenge and answer your questions.

The transcript is available here (DOCX, 195 KB).